Assessment Committee

The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) Assessment Committee serves as an advisory group to the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and the Director of Undergraduate Analytics and Planning on matters relating to the assessment of student learning and programmatic outcomes in OUE.

Chair: Josh McConnell Parsons (Undergraduate Analytics and Planning)


  • Chris Reaves (Office of Experiential & Engaged Learning)
  • Courtney Hoffman (Office of Experiential & Engaged Learning)
  • Beth Spencer (Undergraduate Curricular Initiatives)
  • Susan Belmonte (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)
  • Charmaine Troy (First-Generation Limited-Income Student Initiatives)
  • Joy Harris (Transformative Learning Initiatives)
  • Laura Garcia (Career Center)
  • Kyle Poe (Career Center)
  • Amy D’Unger (Honors Program)


Athletic Academic Steering Committee (AASC)

This committee meets regularly to discuss and review matters related to Student Athletes and Academics.


  • Steven P. Girardot (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)


  • John Stein (Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students)
  • Baratunde Cola (School of Mechanical Engineering & Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR))
  • Phyllis Labaw (Associate Athletic Director for Student Services, GTAA)
  • Chris Breen (Director of Academic Services, GTAA)
  • Shoshanna Engel (Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, GTAA)
  • Reta Pikowsky (Associate Vice Provost and Registrar)
  • Paul Kohn (Vice Provost for Enrollment Management)
  • Kyla Ross (Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Advocacy and Conflict Resolution Wing S. Li, School of Mathematics)
  • Melissa Ianetta (School of Literature, Media and Communication)


CCG-GT Steering Committee

Appointed by Provost Bras, the CCC-GT Steering Committee is charged with providing input and guidance for Georgia Tech’s undergraduate retention and graduation strategies; monitoring CCG outcomes; and promoting and disseminating progress to the campus community and other critical stakeholders.

Co-Chairs: Anna Holcomb (Director, Retention & Completion Initiatives) and Steven Girardot (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)

Current Members

For more information about CCG, please click here.


    Communications Work Group

    OUE's Communications Workgroup provides strategic planning and communications support to OUE's units in order to ensure accurate and timely communication across the organization. The workgroup advises various groups and offers support to OUE leadership by providing perspectives on communications-related issues. The workgroup also provides a forum to discuss OUE-related communications activities, initiatives, and issues that affect all OUE units.

    The group, comprising staff representatives from each of OUE's main units, are selected by their respective directors on a yearly basis.

    Chair: Rachael Greene (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)


    • Alonzo Simmons (Tutoring & Academic Support)
    • Cassie Thomas (Office of Experiential & Engaged Learning)
    • Camille Liverpool (Career Center)
    • Davia Woulard (Career Center)
    • Elizabeth Reese (First-Year Semester Abroad)
    • Emmie Cass (Undergraduate Advising & Transition)
    • Jon Reid (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
    • Lauren Evans (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
    • Stefan Smith (Undergraduate Analytics, Planning, & Assessment)
    • Susan Belmonte (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)


    Employee Engagement & Culture Committee (EECC)

    Chair: Kristi Hesse (Career Center)


    • Francisco Castelan (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)
    • Chad Slieper (Leaders in Progress & Service Quality Enhancement Plan)
    • Stephanie Gericke (Academic Success & Advising/Experiential & Engaged Learning)
    • Erik Johnson (iGniTe)
    • Joy Harris (Transformative Learning Initiatives)
    • Nicole Leonard (Academic Success & Advising)
    • Susan Belmonte (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)

    Subcommittee: OUE Equity Collective

    Membership: Membership on this collective is on a self-selected and voluntary basis based on interest in and time available for collective work.

    Purpose: The OUE Equity Collective seeks to advance Georgia Tech’s values of equity for all members of the Georgia Tech community.   Consistent with the Institute’s values, the Collective sees diversity of backgrounds and perspectives as essential and strives to build an inclusive OUE community where people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and contribute to the Georgia Tech mission. 

    Contacts: Joyelle Harris (Transformative Learning Initiatives); Nicole Leonard (Academic Success & Advising); Lauren Evans (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education); Lacy Hodges (Undergraduate Analytics & Planning); Susan Belmonte (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)

    Subcommittee: Professional Development Committee

    The Professional Development committee is charged with (1) developing initiatives to support staff professional development and learning opportunities across all OUE units (2) initiating and supporting efforts for campus or external awards and recognition for OUE staff and programs and (3) promoting opportunities for appropriate “extracurricular” (optional) activities and events.

    Chair: Nicole Leonard (Academic Success & Advising)


    • Amara Anderson (Honors Program)
    • Iteeah Pounds (Career Center)
    • Widalys Santiago (Career Center)


      OUE Administrative Professionals Work Group

      Chair: Stephanie Gericke (Academic Success & Advising/Experiential & Engaged Learning)


      • Amara Anderson (Honors Program)
      • Erica Chaviano (Tutoring & Academic Support)
      • Jo Beth Cup (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
      • Lauren Evans (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
      • Krystal Green (Career Center)
      • Criss Miller (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
      • Monique Morris (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)
      • Mallorie Seibert (Office of the Provost Finance)
      • Jamie White-Jones (Office of Experiential & Engaged Learning)


      Student Advisory Board

      The mission for the OVPUE Student Advisory Board is to contribute diverse ideas and perspectives on matters that impact the undergraduate academic experience.

      Student Liaison: Hunter Richardson (2023-2024)

      Members: For more information about the SAB and its current members, CLICK HERE.


      The Academic Advising Council

      The Academic Advising Council serves to advise the Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising and the Office of Undergraduate Education on policies, communications, assessment, and strategies related to campus advising.

      Chair: Lorett Swank


      • Angela Elleby (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
      • Adrienne Hillman (GTAAN President)
      • Ellen Murkison (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
      • Kaitlyn Luppino (College of Engineering)
      • Kristi Mehaffey (Mechanical Engineering)
      • Troy Whyte (College of Design)
      • Daurette Joseph (College of Computing)
      • Beatriz Rodriguez (Scheller College of Business)
      • Amanda Blocker (Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts)
      • Hui Zhu (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering / Biochemistry)
      • Mary Holder (Neuroscience)
      • Francisco Castelan (Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising)