The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) administers the Learning Support Program for Georgia Tech. Those requiring Learning Support for Math or English will register for and successfully complete co-requisite support courses (for non-academic credit) with College Algebra, MATH 1111, and English Composition I, ENGL 1101.

Georgia Tech uses benchmark scores earned via the SAT (Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing and Math) or ACT (English and Math) to determine placement in Learning Support. Students who score below 480 on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section (or 17 on the ACT English) will be required to complete the learning support program for English. Students who score below 530 on the SAT Math Section (or 21 on the ACT Math) will be required to complete the learning support program for math. Georgia Tech will consider the higher of the SAT and ACT scores when determining learning support placement.

Students who are required by the Institute to take courses in the Learning Support Program will be notified in writing by Undergraduate Admission.

Students placing into learning support for English will be required to take ENGL 0999, a three-hour (non-academic credit) course designed to reinforce critical reading and communications concepts, concurrently with ​ENGL 1101, a three-hour course.

Students placing into learning support for math will be required to take MATH 0999, a two-hour (non-academic credit) course designed to reinforce basic mathematical concepts, concurrently with MATH 1111, College Algebra, a four-hour course.

MATH 0999 and ENGL 0999 are not college level classes and cannot be applied to degree requirements, including free electives. The grades earned in ENGL 0999 & MATH 0999 do not impact a student’s institutional GPA. Grades earned in ENGL 0999 and MATH 0999 are part of the student’s permanent institutional record, however, and may impact financial calculations and satisfactory academic progress.

Contact the Learning Support Coordinator


Beth Spencer, Ph.D.

Director, Undergraduate Curricular Initiatives

Guidelines for Students placed into Learning Support Coursework

Students who do not pass ENGL 1101 or MATH 1111 with a grade of D or better will be required to take both the co-requisite course and the college level course (ENGL 0999 and ENGL 1101 or MATH 0999 and MATH 1111) regardless of the grade they received in co-requisite course. Students will continue to take the combination of courses until they have passed the college level course, ENGL 1101 or MATH 1111, with grade of D or better. There is no limit to the number of times these classes and their corresponding co-requisites may be attempted. Assigned grades in the Corequisite courses (MATH and ENGL 0999) may be A,B,C, and F. A grade of D may not be assigned in a corequisite course.

MATH 1111 may be taken as Pass/Fail, with a course grade of S exiting the student from Leaning Support mathematics.

The Learning Support Program requirements must be completed as soon as possible after matriculation to Georgia Tech. Students and their academic advisors should work together to plan to complete the Learning Support requirements. Georgia Tech’s Learning Support Coordinator will collaborate with academic advisors to monitor completion of requirements.  Students who do not register for their required Learning Support courses may be pre-registered for these courses by the Registrar.

The tuition for the Learning Support courses, MATH 0999 and ENGL 0999, is not covered by Zell Miller or HOPE scholarships. Other types of financial aid may pay for Learning Support courses. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions regarding financial support for their Learning Support courses.

Beginning in the summer of 2023, students placing in MATH 1111 & 0999 may attempt to satisfy these requirements by taking the ACCUPLACER Math examination. Details on the School of Math’s information for incoming students is available here.

The Georgia Tech Catalog includes full details on Learning Support polices. Questions or requests for more information should be directed to Beth Spencer (

Guideline #1


Students must pass ENGL 1101 or MATH 1111 to satisfy their learning support requirements in English or mathematics, respectively. Students must earn a grade of D or better in ENGL 1101 and MATH 1111 to pass the course. Students must be enrolled in corequisite ENGL 0999 or MATH 0999.


Guideline #2


Students failing ENGL 1101 but passing ENGL 0999 are required to retake both ENGL 0999 and 1101. Students failing MATH 1111 but passing MATH 0999 are required to retake both MATH 0999 and 1111.


Guideline #3


Students passing ENGL 1101 but failing ENGL 0999 may progress to ENGL 1102 having successfully completed learning support requirements in English. Students passing MATH 1111 but failing MATH 0999 may progress to their next math course having successfully completed learning support requirements in math.