About the Quality Enhancement Plan

Georgia Tech’s mission statement commits us to preparing leaders to advance technology and improve the human condition. Addressing the complex problems of tomorrow requires the ability to define issues from multiple perspectives while also developing a sense of personal agency to affect change. The QEP will enhance the Georgia Tech student experience, increasing access to transformative learning experiences.

What will students do?

  1. Foundation Course: In the foundation course, students will take a case study approach to tackle the world’s most challenging issues. Through this interdisciplinary course, students will practice defining problems from diverse perspectives while they explore their professional values. As part of this course, students will get a first look at “beyond-the-classroom" learning opportunities in their discipline.
  2. Immersive Learning: Through significant immersive learning experiences – undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, and more – students will enhance their understanding of self as related to their field of interest. Deep reflection activities will help students make meaning from their hands-on experiences while they connect these activities to their academic pathways and future profession.
  3. Summit: The culmination of the Leaders in Progress and Service program will prompt students to reflect on their learning and publicly present a project that demonstrates their ability to define complex societal problems and clarify how their actions as professionals impact such problems.


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Campus Engagement

As the QEP process moves forward, there will be many opportunities for the campus community to provide input and feedback.  

Please check back here for regular updates as campus engagement opportunities are announced. 

What will students learn?

Student Learning Outcomes


How will student achievement be recognized?

Upon completion of this sequence, students will earn the Leader in Progress and Service degree distinction to appear on their diploma at graduation. Elevating this recognition to the level of degree distinction – comparable to graduating ‘with honors’ based on GPA – demonstrates the value Georgia Tech places on putting Progress and Service at the center of our curriculum.

How can faculty be involved?

While the QEP is under development:

  • Learn more and provide feedback using the feedback form.
  • In summer 2024, look for multiple design charettes to contribute to the design of the foundation course.
  • Also in summer 2024, leaders of existing experiential learning programs will be invited to collaboratively design the reflection assignments used in the immersive learning experiences.
  • In fall 2024, we will pilot a few modules from the foundation course curriculum, the reflection assignment instructions, and the rubrics that will be used to assess student artifacts.

Once the QEP launches, faculty will be invited to teach the foundation course and mentor students in immersive learning experiences.

QEP Leadership

Steven Girardot

Steven Girardot

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Larry Jacobs

Larry Jacobs

Senior Vice Provost for Education and Learning

Roberta Berry

Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Chad Slieper

Chad Slieper

QEP Faculty Co-Director

Academic Professional, School of Public Policy 

Kate Williams

Kate Williams

QEP Faculty Co-Director

Senior Academic Professional, Center for Teaching and Learning

Development & Planning Committee and Timeline

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QEP Committee Membership

The QEP topic selection and planning process has engaged representatives from across the Georgia Tech community.

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QEP Timeline

Learn more about the multi-year QEP topic selection and planning process.

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You can contact us at ProgressAndService@gatech.edu