by Cory Hopkins on
career center staff pose for picture


On May 25th, the Career Center participated in Safe Space training hosted by the LGBTQIA Resource Center.

Participants learned the role of allies and how to become or be better allies for the LGBTQIA communities within our Georgia Tech family along with a better understanding of social justice movements. The facilitors, Camilla Brewer-Frost and William Britto both offered valuable resources that included a guide that has on-campus and off-campus resources, a brief list of terminology, and health-related resources. The training was interactive, gave participants an opportunity for self-reflection, and provided tools on how to be skilled advocates in combatting phobias that negatively impact the LGBTQIA communities.

Additionally, along with parting with knowledge of how to better serve our LGBTQIA community, we also received a new image that was rolled out by the LGBTQIA Resource Center for participants to add to their email signature to signify that they have completed Safe Space training. If you have any questions or need additional information about the Safe Space Training, please visit: