OUE Unit/Staff Highlights (August 2019)

New Staff: Richard (Brent) Griffin

Brent will serve as the new Director of Retention and Graduation/Assistant Registrar, effective August 19th. Brent has a long history of working in higher education and has spent the past 23 years as a mathematics professor and administrator at Georgia Highlands College. 

In his role, Brent will support Georgia Tech’s Complete College Georgia (CCG) efforts to improve undergraduate retention and graduation rates—ensuring better management of communication and cohesive strategies. It reports jointly to the Registrar and me. Brent’s prior experience made him an ideal candidate to perform the variety of complex administrative functions that support retention and timely degree completion. He will also provide information to students who are academically at-risk.

New Staff: Rebecca Watts Hull

Rebecca will join the Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain as their newest Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist on August 21st. 

Rebecca recently earned a PhD in History and Sociology of Technology and Science at Georgia Tech. She is currently a lecturer in the School, teaching several courses including Social Movements and American Environmental History. She is interested in the relationships between student activism and sustainability leadership on college campuses and broader social movements.

ACC Academic Leaders Network (ACC ALN) Program 

Dr. Steven P. Girardot was recently selected as a fellow of the Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Leaders Network (ACC ALN) program. The ALN meets during the academic year through a series of networking and collaboration sessions that are designed to facilitate cross-institutional connections among academic leaders while building leadership capacity for the participating institutions.

Virginia Tech was the epicenter of ACC academic leadership expertise recently as 75 faculty, administrators and liaisons from 14 participating universities gathered in Blacksburg for the first session of the 2018-19 ACC Academic Leaders Network (ALN). Georgia Tech will host the next network-wide session on “Implementing for Results" Feb. 7-9, 2019. The final group session on “Resources and Systems” takes place at the University of Notre Dame, May 28-30, 2019.

Pearl/Bramblett Present at Association for Institution Research

Don Pearl (CAS) presented with Sandi Bramblett at the Association for Institution Research annual meeting May 30th. The title of their presentation was, “Hidden Figures: Course Withdrawals as an Indicator of Student Distress”, which discussed how colleges miss identifying students in need of academic intervention, because of their use of course withdrawals to protect their grade point averages.

Their presentation was attended by approximately 150 people.

New Staff: Employer Relations 

The employer relations team recently hired two temporary staff to help with the increased workload during the Fall season. They will be providing additional customer service support during the Fall recruiting season and help C2D2 manage the additional space needed to host interviews. Please help us welcome Sei Yoshioka & Markyta Holton to the ER team!

New Staff: Stephanie Aluko

Stephanie joined the Undergraduate Academic Advising team last month as their first ever Exploratory Advisor.

Stephanie Aluko has been working with exploring/undecided students for three and a half years. Her interest in combining advising theory and student developmental theory led to unique approaches to helping students gain autonomy and confidence in pursing their interests. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a minor in English Literature, from the University of West Georgia. She also received her Master of Public Administration at the University of West Georgia.