The mission for the Student Advisory Board is to contribute diverse ideas and perspectives on matters that impact the undergraduate academic experience. The board fulfills this mission by: providing suggestions and input on current or future programs, services, policies, and other academic initiatives; advising on a range of academic issues that are important to undergraduate students; facilitating dialog and communication between undergraduates and the Vice Provost’s office Advocating for resources; and supporting the advancement of student ideas and interest.

Student Liaison

Haigh Angell
Economics & International Affairs

Haigh Angell is the current Student Liaison for the Student Advisory Board. He is a rising 3rd year studying Economics and International Affairs from Savannah, GA. In addition to his role in the Office of the Vice Provost, he is serving as VP of Academic Affairs for the Student Government Association (SGA).

Ayo Aladesanmi

Lauren Barre
Chem. & Biomolecular Engineering

Jacob Bruhn
Computer Engineering

Evan Gillon
Public Policy

Andrew Jacon
Mechanical Engineering

Mira Kaufman
Public Policy

Sirwoo Kim
Biomedical Engineering

Kristine Lacek

Julie Leonard-Duke
Biomedical Engineering

Alex McIntosh
Biomedical Engineering

Carson Myers
Music Technology

Delaney Rickles
Civil Engineering

Isabella Stubbs
Environmental Engineering

Melanie Weaver
Electrical Engineering