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OUE Committees

OUE 2020

In May 2017, Vice Provost Potts announced the formation of OUE 2020, a committee charged with designing and implementing immediate policies to advance OUE’s mission by the close of 2019.

Co-Chairs: Roberta Berry (HP); Casey Chaviano (OVPUE)



Assessment Committee

The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) Assessment Committee serves as an advisory group to the Associate Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and the Data and Assessment Coordinator on matters relating to the assessment of student learning and programmatic outcomes in OUE.

Chair: Casey Chaviano (OVPUE)

Members: VACANT (CAS); VACANT (SLS); Andrea Comsa (Career Center); Roberta Berry (HP); Kari White (CAE); Christina Wan (SSI); Steven Girardot (Ex Officio)


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development committee is charged with (1) developing initiatives to support staff professional development and learning opportunities across all OUE units (2) initiating and supporting efforts for campus or external awards and recognition for OUE staff and programs and (3) promoting opportunities for appropriate “extracurricular” (optional) activities and events.

Chair: Kari White (CAE)

Members: Leslie Dionne White (OVPUE); Susan Belmonte (PGPP); Beatriz Rodriguez (CAS); Nicole Leonard (HP); Kristina Chatfield (SLS); Christina Wan (SSI); Crystal Fowler (UAA); Olga Kotlyar (Administrative Support)

Communications Work Group

The Communications Work Group exists to connect the OUE Communications Specialist, Cory Hopkins, with liaisons from each unit. The committee discusses topics ranging from FASET, digital signage, best practices for design and printwork, and more.

Chair: Cory Hopkins (OVPUE)

Members: VACANT (Advising & Transition); Allyson Tant (Academic Engagment); Kris Chatfield (Serve-Learn-Sustain); Michael Laughter (Career Center); Lauren Evans (Honors Program); Russel Wallis (OVPUE); Christina Wan (Summer Session Initiatives)


OUE Administrative Professionals Work Group

Chair: Leslie Dionne White (OVPUE)

Members: Lauren Evans (HP); Olga Kotlyar (Career Center); Jamie White-Jones (SLS); Christina Wan (SSI); Crystal Fowler (UAAT); Allyson Tant (AEP); Monique Morris (PGPP); Wanda Purinton (OVPUE)


Student Advisory Board

The mission for the OVPUE Student Advisory Board is to contribute diverse ideas and perspectives on matters that impact the undergraduate academic experience.

Student Liaison: Brielle Lonsberry (2019-2020); Haigh Angell (2018-2019)

Members: For more information about the SAB and its current members, CLICK HERE.


Athletic Academic Steering Committee (AASC)

This committee meets regularly to discuss and review matters related to Student Athletes and Academics.

Chair: Colin Potts (VPUE)

Members: Phyllis Labaw (GTAA); Christopher Breen (GTAA); Reta Pikowsky (Registrar); Paul Kohn (VPES); John Stein (VPSL/DOS); Charles Isbell (COC); Steven Girardot (OVPUE); Brian Swider (SCB); Rebecca Burnett (LMC)


CCG-GT Steering Committee

Appointed by Provost Bras, the CCC-GT Steering Committee is charged with providing input and guidance for Georgia Tech’s undergraduate retention and graduation strategies; monitoring CCG outcomes; and promoting and disseminating progress to the campus community and other critical stakeholders.

Co-Chairs: Ms. Sandi Bramblett, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research and Enterprise Data Management and Dr. Steven P. Girardot, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Current Members

For more information about CCG, please click here.


The Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council serves to advise the Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising and the Office of Undergraduate Education on policies, communications, assessment, and strategies related to campus advising.

Members: Beth Spencer (chair); Francisco Castelan (PGPP); Amy D’Unger (IAC); Angela Elleby (COE); Shawn Dommer (SCOB); Brent Griffin (OUE/RO); Mary Holder (COS); Daurette Joseph (COC); Kristi Mehaffey (COE); Amanda Stephens (COS); Laura Tolliver (GTAAN); Ami Waller-Ivanecky (COE); Troy Whyte (COD)