CAS: 2017 Tech Prep

by Justin Boone | August 2017

Tech Prep 2017 took place August 7-11 and was an intensive 5-day summer program designed to give incoming first-years a head start on their success here at Georgia Tech. The primary focus was on fundamental mathematical concepts and study skills that Georgia Tech faculty in the School of Mathematics and learning specialists in the Center for Academic Success have identified as critical for students to succeed in their introductory calculus courses. Other goals of the program are to:

  • Provide students with 20+ instructional hours on fundamental calculus concepts that are critical to success in MATH 1551 (Differential Calculus) and 1552 (Integral Calculus) and MATH 1712 (Survey of Calculus).
  • Introduce students to the advanced college learning environment including the lecture format, classroom technology, faculty expectations, college-level exams, and faculty evaluation of student performance in the college classroom.
  • Provide opportunities for students to work with peer mentors who are successful Georgia Tech students. Through Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) sessions, participants will gain an understanding of good study techniques and study skills, and participate in collaborative learning activities designed to enhance learning and improve student performance. PLUS sessions will combine "what to study" with "how to study" in college.
  • Offer Academic Success workshops and programs that will address common topics relevant to first-year student success. These workshops will be highly interactive and will include information about Undergraduate Research Programs, Study Abroad, and participation in the Georgia Tech Leadership Challenge Course to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

This year, 66 students engaged in over 20 hours of instruction, participated in academic success workshops on time management and building relationships with professors, and let loose during social events such as bowling at Tech Rec, stacking some poker chips  and chewing down on popcorn at game night, and a trip to the invention studio. 

Overall, the students expressed that this experience helped them feel more comfortable transitioning to college, meet some great friends, and believe that the program will improve their grade in calculus this fall.