CAS: Reading Day Study Sessions

by Dr. Don Pearl | May 2017

The Introduction of reading days into the new finals week schedule created an opportunity for the Center for Academic Success to provide study sessions for exams in calculus, linear algebra, introductory physics, introductory chemistry and organic chemistry. Students were invited to come to the large lecture halls in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons at specified two-hour time periods. The students used this time to work on study sheets that were created by faculty, tutors, and PLUS (Peer Led Undergraduate Study) leaders, who also moved around the room helping groups of students work on the problems and answered questions about the material. The partnership with faculty included promotion for the event and participation during the time students were present. Their support helped boost student participation and motivation. This partnership with faculty is one we hope to continue to nurture over time.

Reading Day study sessions were piloted with physics in the fall where they proved to be very popular with 165 students attending. Chemistry, organic chemistry, and math were added to the lineup for the spring Reading Day which resulted in the attendance of 698 students. For spring, Physics was the most popular with 229 students taking advantage of the opportunity to work on problem sheets in preparation for their final exam. Organic Chemistry I had the highest percentage of enrolled students in attendance with an impressive 39%.

The Reading Day study sessions are a great way for students to kick off preparation for finals week. They get to spend time studying with classmates, ask questions, and get a snack to keep up their energy. Student feedback was very positive and many expressed their appreciation for the event and the snacks. It is an event that the Center for Academic Success plans to make this a part of its regular schedule of activities and hopes that attendance will grow as it becomes a new Tech tradition.