Undergraduate Academics

Although you enroll in a particular college and focus on a specific discipline, your coursework, research, and others projects will take you across disciplines.  Georgia Tech’s curriculum is designed to give you an interdisciplinary education.

The Georgia Tech Catalog, maintained by the Registrar’s Office, provides comprehensive information about academic degree programs (including majors and minors), services, policies and procedures, as well as other information about undergraduate education. You may also check your college or school’s webpage for additional information about your major. 

Course Catalog

Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Within its six colleges, Georgia Tech offers 35 undergraduate majors as well as pre-professional programs in law, dentistry, medicine, teaching, pharmacy, and veterinary.  An undergraduate minor is a defined program of study outside of your major. Minors are intended to broaden your education by encouraging and officially recognizing knowledge obtained in fields other than your major. A complete listing of all majors and minors may be found here:

Undergraduate Degrees & Minors

Core Curriculum

In accordance with the policies of the University System of Georgia (USG), Georgia Tech requires that all undergraduate students in each bachelor’s degree program to successfully complete a General Education Core Curriculum as part of their degree. General Education “seeks to develop students who have an appreciation for technology, society, and their interaction and to produce students who will utilize these talents to substantially impact the future as leaders and lifelong learners.” Every student completes 43 hours of General Education courses as well as a 2-credit health course (APPH 1040 or 1050). These requirements are outlined in the Georgia Tech General Catalog and on the Registrar’s Office web site.

Core Curriculum

Special Academic Programs

Georgia Tech offers several unique programs that link your undergraduate degree with experiential learning opportunities- both locally and globally.

Co-op Plan & Internships

International Plan

Undergraduate Research Option

BS/MS Programs

Many colleges and schools at Georgia Tech offer BS/MS degree programs that, like the Graduate Course Option, allow eligible students to use up to 6 credit hours of graduate-level coursework in the major discipline for both degrees. The BS/MS programs typically include research and mentoring components and have their own GPA requirements.

Five-Year BS/MS Programs

Degree Programs with Other Universities

You have the opportunity to earn a masters degree at other local universities, including Emory University and Georgia State University, while you complete your Georgia Tech undergraduate degree.  In some cases, scholarships and other financial support are available. 

BS-JM Program with Emory Law

BS-MAT Program with Georgia State University