2018 Undergraduate Research Fair

by Undergraduate Research Ambassadors | December 2018

The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (URA) hosted the Fall 2018 Undergraduate Research Fair on Thursday, November 15 in the Student Center Ballroom. The URA had a tremendous turn out for this event, which could not have been possible without the outstanding work of every member on their team. 

At the Undergraduate Research Fair, 58 lab/research representatives and 30 labs/research groups including VIP and Pre-Professional/Pre-Grad, presented to 325 attendees.

The URA utilized their collective network of UROP contacts to reach out to groups to attend, and asked labs to attend if they were interested in recruiting undergraduate researchers in their labs. Ambassadors developed informational posters for the fair based on questions commonly asked by students. These topics included how to email faculty, types of research at Georgia Tech, and available funding opportunities to conduct undergraduate research.

The URA advertised the Research Fair to GT students by using flyers, social media, and digital signage, along with a banner at the students center during the weeks leading up to the fair. It took the dedication and support of the entire ambassador team to make this a success, and they are looking forward to organizing the Research Fair again next semester.

What students said about the event:

“The sheer amount of enthusiasm and interest in research from everyone that attended!”

“The fair is a great way to learn about all of the interdisciplinary research that happens at Tech, which is something that isn't emphasized in classes.”

“I talked to a student who had a raw passion for research but didn't know where to start, and it was really rewarded to see them walk away with a new sense of direction to start their undergraduate career in research.”

“I believe the Research Fair is important for undergraduates to attend because it allows them to see a wide array of available research opportunities in real time, not behind a computer screen, but actually face to face with research faculty and graduate students.”

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