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gt 1000 & 2000 awards

Each year the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Team Leader Advisory Board hosts the GT 1000 & 2000 banquet. The annual celebration is an opportunity to applaud the dedication of the transition seminars' instructors and Team Leaders and thank them for their work throughout the year. 

The GT 1000/2000 awards celebrate the amazing work our instructors and team leaders do in supporting new students’ transition to Georgia Tech," said Catherine "Cassie" Thomas, Associate Director of Undergraduate Transition Seminars. "At the awards reception, we have the opportunity to recognize the progress of incoming students taking, and continuing students leading, in GT 1000 & 2000 seminars, as well as the pedagogical innovation and care our instructors bring to the classroom. Similarly, we take pride in the many ways we together serve the mission of the university; the values we share; and most importantly, seminar students as they become more involved members of Tech's learning community.

Awards are given to Instructors and Team Leaders of GT-1000/2000 that demonstrate a tremendous commitment to supporting first-year and transfer students.

GT-1000 TL of the Year

Each year, GT 1000 students and instructors nominate outstanding Team Leaders for this award. Winners are chosen based on their relationship as a role model or mentor, ability to provide significant and sound advice, and their facilitation of the learning process in the classroom.

Mason Hinkley


Mason serves as an inspiration to incoming tech students as he has shared his experiences of study abroad, interning, and activities that supplement his college experience. He has opened my eyes to opportunities that I didn’t not know existed that seriously interest me.

Lily Utt


Lily has done an amazing job being an open resource and solid source of communication and answers to questions. She is very personable and easy to talk to too. Lily has helped me with applications, resume work, and more. I look up to Lily and her all she has done at Tech. Go Lily!

GT-1000 Instructor of the Year

This award goes to a GT 1000 instructor who works within the course curriculum and demonstrates creative teaching methods, engages with his or her students and Team Leaders, encourages intellectual risk, and ensures high-quality class presentations related to the first-year experience.

Jessica Sherrington


Our award winner exemplifies academic growth mindset and inspires that in her GT 1000 students. In her first-year seminar section, she encouraged her students to focus on their “wins” and to understand that there are many roads to success. She also was relentlessly positive and good at generating active class discussion. As a nominator stated, “She...always brought the always smiling and always wants to know how we’re doing before she starts the lesson.” This instructor was also commended for being incredibly approachable, a good listener when concerns and questions arose, and impactful in connecting course content to relevant personal experiences, in and out of the classroom. Her presentations, tips, and skills were valued greatly, and students found them highly applicable to their first-year experiences.

GT-2000 Instructor of the Year

This award goes to a GT 2000 instructor who works within the course curriculum and demonstrates creative teaching methods, engages with his or her students and Team Leaders, encourages intellectual risk, and ensures high-quality class presentations related to the transfer student experience.

Dr. Michael Smith


Our GT 2000 Instructor of the Year recipient was praised for being adept at making connections between course content and Georgia Tech experiences, creating inspiring course conversations in the process. In the words of a nominator, “I have never seen an instructor who has traveled the world and found a way to make it a lesson for others.” Modeling a voracious appetite for knowledge, he encouraged his transfer students to get to know “the rich culture” of Tech by engaging in it regularly, in and out of the classroom. Students noted the “impactful” learning environment he created and found his GT 2000 section “essential” to their successful transition.

The Friend of The First-Year Seminar Award

Established in 2004, the “Friend of the First-Year Seminar” award honors the contributions of an outstanding individual, department, or organization that has supported the GT 1000 program. 

Dr. Lacy Hodges, Ms. Savitra Dow, and Dr. Beth Spencer


Sandi Bramblett Instructor of Excellence Award

Established in 2020, the GT 1000/2000 Instructor of Excellence Award honors one GT 1000/2000 instructor each year who has demonstrated long-term commitment and service to the program, along with excellence in teaching and mentoring students and Team Leaders in GT 1000/2000. The award is named in honor of its inaugural recipient, Sandi Bramblett. 

Mr. Brett Hulst



AJ Amini, Program and Operations Manager of Undergraduate Transition Seminars

The banquet could not have happened without the amazing help and leadership of our GT-1000/2000 Team Leader Ambassadors. This group of student leaders worked tirelessly to determine the theme and décor of the banquet and assist in the selection of the award winners. On the day of the banquet, they put in tremendous time and effort to make sure the banquet was a huge success. Our Team Leader Ambassadors are Hannah Dancy, Maddie Kadens, Noah Campbell, and Irene Jerish. We could not have done this without them!

Award Nominees

Instructor of the Year Nominees

  • Aldo Ferri
  • Amber Green
  • Beatriz Rodriguez
  • Benjamin Galfond
  • Carol Yung
  • Chloe Jackson
  • Christina Ragan
  • Christopher Moore
  • Christopher Stanzione
  • Christopher Valenta
  • Craig Womack
  • Daren Hubbard
  • Davis Palubeski
  • De'Angelo Neely
  • Edwin Greco
  • Ellen Murkinson
  • Jamie Ready
  • Jewel Perkins
  • John Stein
  • Jonathan Rivera Perez
  • Katherine Samford
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Klara Grodzinsky
  • Kumar Singh
  • Lauren Evans
  • Lindsay Staar
  • Mariah Liggins
  • Marissa Jules
  • Michael Dutcher
  • Michael Shannon
  • Michelle Thackray
  • Miriam Jackson
  • Rashaad Owens
  • Samantha Wilson
  • Sharetha Dantes
  • Shirley Manchester
  • Stacey Doremus
  • Troy Peace

Team Leader of the Year Nominees

  • Allison Fain
  • Amelia Wetherington
  • Arul Gupta
  • Aubrey Charron
  • Austin Reitano
  • Becca Fisher
  • Brianna Henderson
  • Caroline Harpole
  • Dhruti Trivedi
  • Elizabeth Schupp
  • Ella Schnatmeier
  • Emmett Halloran
  • Gabriella Stripling
  • Harika Kosaraju
  • Irene Cho
  • Isabel Evans
  • Jacob Keenan
  • Jaden Stutzmann
  • James Terry
  • Jason Schwartz
  • Jason Wu
  • Kristin Hsu
  • Lauren Allred
  • Logan Roach
  • Madison Cochran
  • Madison Prien
  • Marcus Kurth
  • Noah Campbell
  • Owen Pendley
  • Samantha Hobbs
  • Shalva Begiashvili
  • Ty McCaffrey
  • Vaughn Coston


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