On June 8th, over 50 OUE staff, student assistants, and representatives from OIE welcomed hundreds of students to their "Ramblin' Resources" Gatherly event. Gatherly is an all-in-one events platform that puts interaction first. Participants can "walk" around and meet new people, just like in real life. The event introduced new and returning students to OUE's staff, programs, and services in a new and exciting way.

Ramblin' Resources (which was named by one of OUE's student assistants, Jessica Barber) was created to connect with students over the summer and complement ongoing FASET sessions. The event, marketed as a networking experience, encouraged students to meet with OUE and OIE staff and students from various programs. Students navigated the virtual space via an elevator to visit each of the 9 "floors". Each floor represented an OUE department or program and was divided by topic (examples below).  

  • FLOOR 1 | Ace this quiz! with Tutoring & Academic Support 
  • FLOOR 2| Navigating Your Success at Tech: Academic Coaching, Exploratory Advising, and GT 1000 
  • FLOOR 3 | Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
  • FLOOR 4 | International Students, Opportunities Abroad, and Globally Focused Programs  
  • FLOOR 5 | Learning Communities  
  • FLOOR 6 | Pre-Grad, Pre-Teaching, Pre-Health Advising, Prest. Fellowships  
  • FLOOR 7 | Undergraduate Research  
  • FLOOR 8 | Serve-Learn-Sustain 
  • FLOOR 9 | The Career Center

The event had nearly 500 attendees, made up of mostly summer first-year students, and served as a proof of concept for OUE's ongoing marketing efforts to incoming students. Thanks to the levels of participation and positive feedback, additional Ramblin' Resources events will likely be in the works to reach more FASET students. 

Ramblin' Resources couldn't have happened without the help of a number of OUE staff (especially our resident Gatherly-guru, Recha Reid)! Thank you to the OUE FASET committee for your hard work and commitment to putting on a great event!Amara Anderson (OVPUE)

  • Francisco Castelan (PGPP)
  • Kris Chatfield (SLS)
  • Shannon P. Dobranski (PGPP)
  • Lauren Evans (HP)
  • Laura Garcia (Career Center) 
  • Lacy Hodges (UAT)
  • Cory Hopkins (OVPUE)
  • Chris Reaves (AEP)
  • Recha Reid (AEP)
  • Allyson Tant (AEP)
  • Ashlee Toomey-Flinn (OIE)
  • Stephanie Tran (TAS)
  • Karen Veasey (HP)
  • Christina Wan (Summer & Special Session Initiatives)