Embarking on a journey to pioneer privacy-preserving data generation, Georgia Tech undergraduate student Grace Kim clinches the prestigious DAAD Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) Award, propelling her to the forefront of cutting-edge machine learning research in Germany.

Grace Kim

Grace Kim, a Computer Science major and Stamps President’s Scholar set to graduate in Spring 2025, has been awarded the prestigious DAAD RISE scholarship to conduct research in Saarbrücken, Germany, this summer. 

The DAAD RISE program offers undergraduate students in various scientific fields the opportunity to engage in research projects at top institutions in Germany. This highly competitive program selects scholars based on their academic excellence and research potential, providing them with invaluable experiences to broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of their respective fields. 

Kim's research internship will take place at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, where she will join the SprintML Lab under the mentorship of Wenhao Wang and Professors Adam Dziedzic and Franziska Boenisch. Her project will focus on privacy-preserving data generation through large language models (LLMs), a crucial aspect of machine learning with applications ranging from chatbots to sensitive data processing. 

Kim's interest in conducting research in Germany was sparked during her study abroad experience in Berlin last summer through Georgia Tech's College of Computing's Berlin Summer Program. “This internship presents a unique opportunity to conduct privacy research in a country that has such a strong legal framework for data privacy,” she said. "I’m excited to work at an international research center with a diverse team of machine learning researchers.”  

Through this opportunity, I hope to learn about global regulations governing AI. As I explore the trade-offs between technology and privacy, I hope to learn how to balance technological advancements and ethical responsibilities, ensuring that the technologies we develop are safe and beneficial for society.

Beyond academic pursuits, Kim looks forward to immersing herself in German culture and exploring the country's rich history and diverse landscapes. "During my study abroad, I spent my weekends traveling to major cities in Germany and surrounding countries," she said. "This time, I hope to spend more time traveling within Germany and exploring its small towns." 

Kim attributes much of her success in securing the DAAD RISE award to the guidance and support she received from Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising. "I plan to use their services for future opportunities," Kim noted. 

Kim's receipt of the DAAD RISE award exemplifies Georgia Tech's commitment to fostering academic excellence and providing students with transformative opportunities to make meaningful contributions to their fields and society at large. 

Students interested in pursuing fellowship opportunities, including DAAD RISE, are encouraged to schedule appointments with Dr. Karen Mura, Prestigious Fellowships Advisor, through AdvisorLink. 

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