headshot of susan belmonte

It is our pleasure to announce that Susan Belmonte will assume the responsibilities of Assistant Director for Pre-Graduate Advising in the Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional (PGPP) Advising team. This title change is effective immediately.

Susan's new title makes official many of the responsibilities she has already embraced. As assistant director, Susan will continue to lead PGPP in their assessment processes and DEI outreach and oversee the Virtual Graduate School Showcase for which she is founder and co-chair (with Graduate Education) of an institute-wide planning committee. In addition to these crucial tasks, Susan will represent PGPP on the OUE Communications Working Group and lead our communication initiatives. She will also work closely with the PGPP coordinator to ensure timely and consistent event planning. 

Susan will continue to work directly with students and alumni as an advisor, supporting those applying to graduate school and, in her dual report to CEISMC, those considering careers in K12 education. Susan has been working with advisees at Georgia Tech since 2012, when she became the campus' Pre-Teaching Advisor. In 2015, she joined the Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising team, where, in addition to helping future K12 educators, she has supported applicants to law school and, most recently, graduate school. Susan herself is completing a PhD in Teaching and Learning at Georgia State University.

Please join us in congratulating Susan!