Assistant Director for Administrative Operations

Mysty Connelly comes to OUE with 11 years of experience in higher education at Georgia Tech. Mysty earned her Bachelor of History degree and Master’s in Business Administration, specializing in financial services from Piedmont University (formerly Piedmont College). Prior to joining us, she worked as the Assistant Director of Business Operations for the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI). In her role at GTMI she managed a broad portfolio of areas and supervised a team that included: finance, HR, IT, facilities, faculty support and other administrative operations.

Mysty has worked with Georgia Tech and OUE for a number of years, most recently in her position as the Assistant Director of Administrative Operations from 2017-2019, in addition to various other roles in OUE from 2012-2017. Aside from her wealth of knowledge and expertise-she has been a positive, friendly, and consummate professional, balancing successfully a complex and growing set of responsibilities at the Institute. She has a sincere passion for higher education and is excited to work with all the programs in OUE.