The QEP proposal calls for the design and launch of a new foundational course, Introduction to Progress and Service, that will explore theoretical and practical approaches to defining complex problems that impact the human condition. Students will also engage in early stages of professional identity development and explore experiential learning opportunities in their fields of interest. 

The Faculty Design Charettes will feature interactive exercises to collaboratively develop course goals, direction, and signature assignments to be piloted in Fall 2024.  Instructors who meet any of the following characteristics are encouraged to participate: 

  • You teach about the following topics: problem definition, problem solving, ethical reasoning, decision-making, personal and professional identity development, career exploration, design thinking, social and community issues
  • You are willing to participate in the Fall 2024 pilot by integrating one of the topics above into your fall course (small financial incentive will be provided to participating instructors) 
  • You take an active-learning approach to teaching 
  • You are interested in learning more about the QEP and possibly teaching the foundational course in the future