Georgia Tech First-Generation Student Programs and Mentor Collective have formed a new partnership to match peer mentors with incoming first-generation students. The goal of the program is to assist first-generation students who seek one-on-one support and guidance throughout their first year. Our collaboration with Mentor Collective, an organization that works with colleges and universities to develop mentoring programs, will help Georgia Tech advance student success and increase sense of belonging among its first-generation student population, said Charmaine Troy, Georgia Tech’s inaugural first-generation and limited income program and operations manager.

“Our goal is to foster an environment for first-generation students to be successful and thrive throughout their academic journey at Georgia Tech,” Troy said. “Peer mentors are crucial to the academic, personal, cultural, and social integration of students throughout the first year. They play a key role in making the first year experience a rewarding, fun, and successful welcome to the Georgia Tech community. Our partnership with Mentor Collective complements the program that we envision and enhances our ability to connect incoming first-generation students to first-generation upper-division mentors.”

During the Fall 2021 semester, all incoming first-generation students will be invited to join Georgia Tech’s First-Gen Jackets Peer Mentoring Program. The partnership provides students with the opportunity to be matched with a peer mentor who is trained to provide guidance. Peer mentors will also share their experiences with incoming first-generation students and share tips on how to get involved at Georgia Tech.

“First-generation students will be provided resources and a platform to receive insight and participate in goal-setting activities with their mentors throughout the year,” Troy said. We believe that Mentor Collective recognizes the importance of peer mentoring relationships as a part of first-generation students’ academic journey,” Troy said. “We hope that our incoming first-generation students will take advantage of our Mentor Collective collaboration to connect with their mentors and provide feedback on how Georgia Tech can support them.”

How to join First-Gen Jackets Peer Mentoring Program

The First-Gen Jackets Peer Mentoring Program is actively enrolling first-generation students and peer mentors for the 2021-22 academic year. Registration links will be available on June 24th. If you are interested in learning more about the First-Gen Jackets Peer Mentoring Program, please contact Dr. Charmaine Troy at

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