OUE Unit/Staff Highlights (September 2019)

OUE Staff Newly Accepted into Leadership Programs

Katy Wong (OVPUE) - Aspire
Beatriz Rodriguez (CAS) - Leadership Forward
Dr. Lacy Hodges (CAE) - Leadership Forward
Dr. Shannon Dobranski (C2D2/PGPP) - Leadership Forward

Promotion: Dr. Casey Chaviano

Effective immediately, Dr. Casey Chaviano is now the Assistant Director for Assessment and Planning for OUE, continuing to report directly to the AVPUE. In this new academic professional role she will continue to oversee our assessment processes that ensure that the work in OUE is informed and guided by data and assessment. She will also continue to function as our internal “chief data officer,” overseeing all our data collection, security, and management (and related training) in OUE.

With her broadened responsibilities, she will now be working more directly with OUE leadership to connect our assessment and data to planning, research, and other evaluation of our programs, services and initiatives. She will maintain her leadership with Dr. Berry on OUE 2020, and liaise closely with IRP/EDM and Academic Effectiveness. Casey has done an outstanding job revamping our assessment and reporting processes and infusing a “culture of continuous improvement” into our division, something that was notably pointed out in last year’s external review of OUE. Our Assessment Showcase at our recent fall town hall is another example of this. I am thrilled to have Casey in this new leadership role and anticipate her strong collaboration with all of our OUE leadership and campus partners. 

Reclassification: Kenji Terawaki

Kenji Terawaki has been reclassified into a new role as Business Intelligence Officer I and is now reporting directly to Casey.  While he remains an OUE staff member, and now part of the OVPUE staff, he is operationally embedded with Enterprise Data Management (EDM).  He is working with Casey and the EDM team on aligning all of our data and reporting methods with Institute-level processes and policies, including LITE.  Initially, he’s focusing on our career data and linking that to academic data, but his role will include data and reporting support for all OUE units. 

New Staff: Leslie Dionne White

Effective September 23rd, Leslie Dionne White as the new Assistant Director for Administrative Operations for OUE. In her role, Leslie will report directly to the AVPUE and oversee and manage all administrative functions and operations in the Office of Undergraduate Education, including serving as our first point of contact on transactional HR matters (working closely with the OOP HR team); taking the lead on facilities/space and IT issues; and overseeing the management of the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (OVPUE). Katy Wong, Wanda Purinton, and Russell Wallis will report directly to Leslie. Leslie will also work closely with Cory Hopkins in managing our internal communication processes. Finally, she will be working closely with all of the administrative/operations staff in OUE and will chair the OUE administrative professional committee as well as work closely with our professional development committee.

Leslie has over twenty years’ experience working in a variety of administration and program management positions in both the nonprofit and higher education sectors. She has been at Georgia Tech since 2011, most recently in the School of Psychology serving as its Administrative Manager. Leslie holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, and an M.B.A. from Troy University.

Leslie’s office will be located in the A. French Building, Suite 103C, and you can reach her via email at lesliedw@gatech.edu or by calling her office at 404-385-0598.