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Meet the 2018/19 iGniTe Advisory Board


by Michael Molder, Summer Session Intern | October 2018

While we can still remember the days when the bright sun dominated the sky, Summer Session has created the iGniTe Advisory Board. The mission of this board: to improve and market the iGniTe Summer Launch Program.

The inaugural summer of iGniTe had moments that filled us with “warm fuzzies” as Summer Session’s Program and Operations Manager, Christina Wan, tends to describe things. And, the summer had times where our staff seemed just as lost as the summer first-years, who were new to every aspect of life here at Georgia Tech.

Two members of Georgia Tech’s Summer Session Department created the iGniTe Advisory Board to help increase the amount of “warm fuzzies.” By increasing the positive aspects of iGniTe, and by decreasing the negative aspects. Summer Session Intern, Michael Molder, chairs the board, with the keen insight and assistance of Christina Wan. Together, they recruited some of the best former iGniTe Students to Serve on their board.

The following seven students have volunteered their time to make profound improvements to iGniTe as well as Stephen Nash:


Jalen Borne

Hailing from Marietta, Georgia, Jalen Borne has his eyes set on a chemistry degree from Tech. Jalen enjoyed the social aspects of iGniTe. Whether, he was making life-long friends in his GT 1000 class, or he was tearing up the dance floor at SCPC’s dance lessons. Jalen enjoyed every aspect of iGniTe. Jalen’s satisfaction with iGniTe fueled his desire to join the Advisory Board. Selflessly, Jalen wants “to give back in the best way [he] know[s] how!” By working to improve iGniTe.




Jackson Caruso

Jackson traveled from Elberton, Georgia to pursue his future in public policy here at Georgia Tech. This past summer, Jackson appreciated his coursework during iGniTe as it helped him “ease into the rigor of Tech’s classes.” On a side note, he claims to have actually enjoyed the content of his course on the History of the New South. Jackson plans to use the leadership skills he developed in iGniTe’s Leadership Track to help the Advisory Board reach its goal. His personal goal on the board: “to improve the student experience for summer freshman in years to come and make starting summer more attractive and exciting for Georgia Tech applicants.”



Avnish Dalal

Avnish, an industrial engineer, calls Stockbridge, Georgia home. Avnish thoroughly enjoyed iGniTe’s tour of Atlanta’s Beltline. For him, the tour was a new experience, and it provided relevant background for the courses he would be taking as a member of iGniTe’s Urban Sustainability Track. Avnish, unlike most, commuted to Tech each day of iGniTe providing him with a slightly different perspective. Avnish brings this unique viewpoint to the board as he hopes to “help others who might be in a similar situation.”




Ava Gribble

Ava came from Kennesaw, Georgia to pursue business here at Tech. Ava was amazed at what she saw during iGniTe’s tour of Atlanta’s Beltline. Ava was surprised to discover how even small details served a larger purpose in the Beltline. Much like the goal of the Beltline, Ava joined the Advisory Board to enhance iGniTe for future students. For summer first-years, iGniTe is their first experience here at Tech, and Ava wants “to make sure its welcoming and beneficial.”




Andrew McGraw

Andrew left Jesup, Georgia to start pursuing a degree in public policy. Sociology 1101 ranks among Andrew’s favorite aspects of the iGniTe Summer Launch Program. The class provided countless opportunities (like sociological and psychological experiments) for him to engage with the campus over the summer. Andrew was motivated to join the board as he wants “to ensure that as many people can get the best experience as possible and have the same life-changing summer [he] did!”




Devarsh Pandya

Devarsh is an aspiring industrial engineer originating from Alpharetta, Georgia. A member of the Sustainable STEM Track, Devarsh relished the opportunity to tour and learn about Atlanta’s Beltline and Historic Fourth Ward Park during his time in iGniTe. Activities like these helped Devarsh “transition from high school to college mentally and emotionally.” He hopes to help others do the same. Devarsh strides to help shape iGniTe so that future students still have a terrific program to aid their transition into college life.




Mel Weaver

Traveling all the way from Shamong, New Jersey, Mel chose to come to Tech to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. Mel’s favorite part of iGniTe was her GT 1000 class. The class gave her the opportunity for Mel to pick up life skills, such as resumes and cover letters, as well as develop lasting friendships with her classmates. Mel joined the board because iGniTe “helped shape the student, friend, and leader that [she] currently [is].” Mel wants the same opportunities she had to be available to future students while making them more memorable.