September 2016 | Volume 8

Featured Stories: Environmental Justice, and Why it Should Matter to You; Complete College Georgia (CCG) at Georgia Tech; C2D2 Highlights; Internal OUE Website Resources; OUE: Design Guidelines; C2D2: Intellectual Property Career Showcase

August 2016 | Volume 7

Featured Stories: OUE Annual Report Highlights; Tech Prep 2016: The Results Are In; C2D2 News & Highlights; OUE Fall Town Hall & Semester Kick-Off; Office of the Provost: Staff Professional Development Grants

July 2016 | Volume 6

Featured Stories: CAS Student Highlight: Joselyn Umubyeyi; SLS Conference: Paths to Social Sustainability; C2D2 News & Highlights; GT 1000: Student Survey Results; GT Print Materials Have a New Look; CAS: Success Summit

June 2016 | Volume 5

Featured Stories: It's FASET Season; Keynote Event: Advancing an Integrated, Comprehensive Approach to Climate Resilience; OHR: Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act

May 2016 | Volume 4

Featured Stories: Vice Provost's Message; GT 2000: From Proposal to Reality; Undergraduate Fulbright Award Recipients; Why New Grads Should Forget About Finding their Passion; Honors Program Student to give Fall Convocation Speech; C2D2 Highlights; Spring 2016 UROP Symposium

April 2016 | Volume 3

Featured Stories: OUE Strategic Visioning & Planning; InVenture Prize Winners: FireHUD; C2D2 Highlights; SLS Hosting, "Sustainability, Diversity, and Service" - a lunch conversation;
OUE Participating in Work Green Pilot Program; OUE Well-Represented at "Celebrating Teaching Day" 

March 2016 | Volume 2

Featured Stories: OUE Highlight: The Center for Academic Success; GT 1000 Instructors Needed; New Pre-Law Advisement Program;
New Global Internship Opportunity for Students; 2016 Karlovitz Lecture Series

February 2016 | Volume 1

Featured Stories: Vice Provost's Message; 2016 Karlovitz Lecture Series; Academic Calendar Changes; FASET Leader Interviewers Needed

Three years ago, in an effort to address the high level of perceived stress among Georgia Tech students, the Honors Program opened three sections of GT 1000 that focused on mindfulness practices. While these classes were clearly appreciated by those participating and yielded evidence that they gained valuable coping skills, annual enrollment remained fairly flat. Until this year.

On Friday, August 17th, the Center for Academic Success hosted its largest Success Summit yet. 103 students gathered to attend the 5-hour event that included several workshops and panels.


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