April 2019 | Volume 38

Featured Stories: Turner Foundation Grant; ACC InVenture Prize; SAB Liaison Elected SGA EVP; CAS Reading Day; more...

Staff Spotlight: Rob Rogers (C2D2)

Cory Hopkins | April 2019

haigh and pooja
Photo (left to right): Haigh Angell (SGA Executive Vice President-elect) and Pooja Juvekar (SGA President-elect)

March 2019 | Volume 37

Featured Stories: InVenture Prize Winners; Annual Report; Gift to Tech Finalists; GT 1000 Instructors; more...

Staff Spotlight: Wanda Purinton (OVPUE)


February 2019 | Volume 36

Featured Stories: InVenture Prize Finalists; Spring Career Fair; Liam's Legacy; State of Summer Session; more...

Staff Spotlight: Christina Wan (SSI)


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