November 2016 | Volume 10

Featured Stories: Meet The 2016-2017 OVPUE Student Advisory Board; Office of the Provost Professional Development Grants; 8 Tips for Finals Prep; Complete College Georgia's (CCG-GT) 2016 Status Report; C2D2 Highlights

October 2016 | Volume 9

Featured Stories: Organizational Structure Changes in OUE; National Tutor Appreciation Week Recap; OUE Staff Highlights; C2D2 Highlights; OUE: Design Guidelines; Classroom & Academic Scheduling Town Hall Meetings

September 2016 | Volume 8

Featured Stories: Environmental Justice, and Why it Should Matter to You; Complete College Georgia (CCG) at Georgia Tech; C2D2 Highlights; Internal OUE Website Resources; OUE: Design Guidelines; C2D2: Intellectual Property Career Showcase

August 2016 | Volume 7

Featured Stories: OUE Annual Report Highlights; Tech Prep 2016: The Results Are In; C2D2 News & Highlights; OUE Fall Town Hall & Semester Kick-Off; Office of the Provost: Staff Professional Development Grants

July 2016 | Volume 6

Featured Stories: CAS Student Highlight: Joselyn Umubyeyi; SLS Conference: Paths to Social Sustainability; C2D2 News & Highlights; GT 1000: Student Survey Results; GT Print Materials Have a New Look; CAS: Success Summit

June 2016 | Volume 5

Featured Stories: It's FASET Season; Keynote Event: Advancing an Integrated, Comprehensive Approach to Climate Resilience; OHR: Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act

May 2016 | Volume 4

Featured Stories: Vice Provost's Message; GT 2000: From Proposal to Reality; Undergraduate Fulbright Award Recipients; Why New Grads Should Forget About Finding their Passion; Honors Program Student to give Fall Convocation Speech; C2D2 Highlights; Spring 2016 UROP Symposium

April 2016 | Volume 3

Featured Stories: OUE Strategic Visioning & Planning; InVenture Prize Winners: FireHUD; C2D2 Highlights; SLS Hosting, "Sustainability, Diversity, and Service" - a lunch conversation;
OUE Participating in Work Green Pilot Program; OUE Well-Represented at "Celebrating Teaching Day" 

March 2016 | Volume 2

Featured Stories: OUE Highlight: The Center for Academic Success; GT 1000 Instructors Needed; New Pre-Law Advisement Program;
New Global Internship Opportunity for Students; 2016 Karlovitz Lecture Series

February 2016 | Volume 1

Featured Stories: Vice Provost's Message; 2016 Karlovitz Lecture Series; Academic Calendar Changes; FASET Leader Interviewers Needed


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