About the Strategic Plan

February 2020 | Volume 48

Featured Stories: OUE 2.0; 2020 InVenture Prize Finalists; Assessment in Action; Spring Transfer Welcome; SLS Highlights; more.

January 2020 | Volume 47

Featured Stories: The InVenture Effect; Liam's Legacy Symposium; iGniTe Summer Ambassadors; 2019 InVenture Prize Winners; more.

December 2019 | Volume 46

Featured Stories: Happy Holidays; C2D2 ED Search; SLS Fall Student Showcase; iGniTe Preview Day; more.

November 2019 | Volume 45

Featured Stories: LLCs featured in Stanford 2025 Guide; Where Are They Now? InVenture Prize Finalists; SLS Presents at RCE Americs; Pre-Health Event; more.


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