by Cory Hopkins | December 2018

by Lacy Hodges & Cory Hopkins | December 2018


by Ruthie Yow | December 2018

by Shelley Wunder-Smith & Cory Hopkins | December 2018

New to OUE: David Eady

On November 9, 2017, Georgia Tech’s two 2016/2017 Astronaut Scholarship recipients were recognized for their outstanding achievements by visiting astronaut Michael McCulley at an event on campus.

The Center for Academic Success has more than 100 outstanding Georgia Tech students working as peer tutors, PLUS leaders, and desk assistants. Davira Widianto (pictured left) and Gloria Bowen are two examples of these exceptional student leaders.

Each year, the Center for Academic Enrichment, Team Leader Advisory Board, and GT 1000 Ambassadors host a banquet to celebrate the hard work and dedication of GT 1000 & 2000 instructors and team leaders.


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