Georgia Tech Selected for 2018 Millennium Fellowship

A cohort of 18 students from the Georgia Institute of Technology has been selected as part of the 2018 Millennium Fellowship, a joint leadership development program of the United Nations Academic Impact and the Millennium Campus Network (MCN).

2018 Honors Program First-Year Retreat

by Lauren Evans | August 2018

2018 Tech Prep Recap

by Stephanie Reikes | August 2018

OUE Staff Highlights (August)

Francisco Castelan presents

OUE Self-Study Update

by Cory Hopkins & Self-Study Welcome by Vice Provost Colin Potts | August 2018

iGniTe Student Showcase

by Amara Anderson (Summer Session student assistant) | August 2018

SLS Launches 5 Signature Programs This Fall

by Jennifer Hirsch (and help from Joe Aldinger) | August 2018

Inclusive Leaders Academy

by Cory Hopkins & De'Angelo Neely | July 2018

iGniTe Welcome Event

by Amara Anderson, Summer Session Student Assistant | July 2018


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