Student Success Stories

"Hope you and everyone at CAS is doing great! 

Just wanted to update you on how I’m doing. I started working at Epic about four months ago and I’m on the Home Health and Hospice team. I’m currently at a Home Health and Hospice agency in Oakland, CA helping clinicians, nurses, and social workers understanding our software to help care for their patients. I love it and it reminds me of how I loved tutoring as well!

I also have to add how my time at CAS prepared me for this role. The process of understanding their questions, solving them, following up/finding resources if an answer isn’t directly available, and especially having a jovial attitude through it all was MUCH easier for me to do thanks to CAS. I hope everyone at CAS knows that they are truly learning real world skills.

Thank you once again for everything you have provided to me for my professional journey!"

Pranit Kedarisetty
Georgia Institute of Technology
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Bachelor of Science, Class of 2018

"I remember hearing you speak at GT1000 or some other freshman event back in 2014 and being totally inspired by the innovation opportunities here… 4 years later, it’s amazing what these initiatives have given me. I’ll graduate with a wider breadth of experiences than I could have ever imagined. Thank you!"

Sarah Bush (pictured above, far left)
Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor of Science, Class of 2018