Degree Programs with Other Universities

You have the opportunity to earn a masters degree at other local universities, including Emory University and Georgia State University, while you complete your Georgia Tech undergraduate degree. In some cases, scholarships and other financial support are available.

B.S./J.M. Degree Program with Emory Law

This partnership allows students to pursue any bachelor’s degree at Tech, followed by one year of coursework at Emory School of Law. Once students complete coursework at both institutions, they will receive both degrees.

B.S./M.A.T. Program with Georgia State University

The B.S. / M.A.T. degree program is a partnership between Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. The program allows eligible undergraduates to take six hours (6) of graduate level coursework which apply towards an undergraduate degree at Tech and a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree at Georgia State. The program enables a student to start graduate school with six credit hours, which saves time and money.