SAB Updates (January 2019 Meeting)

by Haigh Angell, SAB Liaison | February 2018

Agenda topics covered

  • In what ways do you see academia at Georgia Tech affecting student mental health?
  • Do students perceive that progress is being made to help better student mental health on campus?
  • How can Georgia Tech best alleviate academic stress?

Update from Vice Provost Potts

  • Aiming for a cultural shift in academia
  • Additional transparency needed on grading practices for students—large cause of stress is lack of transparency and bad grading practices (i.e. grading on a curve)

Student's Opinions/Views

  • The ‘wheel’ is beginning to turn in the realm of academics/mental health—students can see that progress is being made, but not enough
  • The GT community, especially the school, only responds to mental health issues and instead should focus on prevention
  • Move away from the ‘the hottest flame will temper the strongest steel’ ideology essentially communicating that it’s okay that students are being tested to the core because they will only come out stronger (not the case)
  • Lack of definition in response systems for students (i.e. what does a student do if a parent dies?)
  • Get away from using suicide as a benchmark for mental health
  • A large part of our community feel that they aren’t facing severe enough mental issues to be a part of the conversation