SAB Liaison elected SGA Executive Vice President

Cory Hopkins | April 2019

haigh and pooja
Photo (left to right): Haigh Angell (SGA Executive Vice President-elect) and Pooja Juvekar (SGA President-elect)

Haigh Angell, OVPUE's liaison to the Student Advisory Board, was recently elected as Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association.

The election, which ended for undergraduate students on March 29, resulted in a runoff that required a second vote by the Georgia Tech student body.

"Though the SGA campaign and run-off process was long and arduous, Pooja and I have felt unbelievably lucky to have had the opportunity to reach areas of campus that SGA doesn’t normally interact with," said Haigh. "Our campus community is diverse, multi-faceted, and inspiring—characteristics that we feel should be celebrated more."

Pooja and Haigh's platform centered around 6 main tenets:

  1. Academics
    Promote academic growth, improve resource accessibility, and strengthen teaching effectiveness.
  2. Campus Community
    Further connect the campus community by nurturing the vibrant and diverse energy of our student body.

  3. Health and Wellbeing
    Ensure that student health is our Institute’s first priority — health matters, wellbeing matters, you matter.

  4. Empowering Our Students
    Providing the means for students to self-actualize their goals and enhance their student experience at Georgia Tech.

  5. Campus Services
    Elevate the quality of our campus services by advocating and vocalizing student concerns.

  6. Administration Prioritizing Our Students
    Increase student involvement in governance structures and processes.

"Now that Pooja and I have been elected we are currently in the process of selecting our cabinet and developing a strategic plan on how we can best enact our vision and platform," Haigh continued. "One of our primarily goals for the coming year is to establish collaborative structures between student organizations and open up SGA’s lines of communication with the student body."

As Executive Vice President, Haigh will lead the executive branch of SGA. He will work to create a cohesive executive board, as well as develop them as leaders. He will also fill in for the President whenever she is unavailable. The EVP also meets regularly with other student leaders on campus, and acts as a stakeholder for Georgia Tech's undergraduate population when working with Institute faculty members and administration, as well as when representing Georgia Tech in an external capcity.

More about Haigh:

Haigh is a third year Economics and International Affairs major from Savannah, GA. He's been involved in SGA since the beginning of his time at Tech—starting as a member of FreShGA in his first year; serving as the Economics Rep in the Undergraduate House of Representatives and Alumni Relations Chair his second; and now currently serve as Vice President of Academic Affairs on Cabinet.

Haigh has also been a Student Ambassador in the Alumni Association and most recently a student advisor on the Path Forward Advisory Board for academics.