Provost's Leadership Program Reflections








Chris Reaves

Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE)

"I found the Provosts Leadership Program to be an invaluable experience. Given the programmatic demands of our office it is often difficult to find time to focus on professional development opportunities. The consistent (monthly) meetings with colleagues in similar positions, helped ensure time was spent on personal growth and improvement. It was a welcome departure from the consistent daily grind. I often came out of the meetings with new ideas or fresh perspectives that I would not have been afforded without this program.

My two favorite aspects were the speakers and the Academic Impressions conference. The speakers were very engaging and their offerings were very beneficial. Not only did we get to hear expertise and experiences from well-seasoned administrators, but also their challenges and regrets. I often was able internalize their talks and reflect upon how I could use the advice or understanding to bring positive change to my unit. The practical tools offered from facilitators of the AI conference I found very valuable. From running meetings to conducting a job search to gathering data, these are areas encountered on a daily basis, thus learning implements to make them more successful was sincerely welcomed."








Andrea Comsa

Center for Career Discovery & Development (C2D2)

"I am very grateful for being selected and able to complete the Office of The Provost Mid-Level Administrator Leadership Development Program. The program provided great insight into numerous leadership development topics, presented challenges other leaders face in higher education, and identified trends and strategic planning along with organizational management. The opportunity to self-reflect and exchange ideas and experiences with Georgia Tech colleagues has also been of great value to me.

I hope to continue tapping into the expertise of my cohort and reaching out to them when in need of advice. The many “aha” moments, throughout the program, led me to think strategically about next steps on how I can continue to grow myself as a leader and be able to influence and grow others. Ultimately, no one can do it alone. It is the people we lead that determine the success of any endeavor."








De Morris Walker

Summer Session Initiatives (SSI)

"The Office of the Provost Mid-Level Administrator Leadership program was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to managers seeking leadership and professional development opportunities. I was very excited when I learned that I would be a part of the pilot cohort for the program. However, I must admit that I had some concerns about the time commitment of attending monthly sessions. Honestly, seeing four hours blocked out on my calendar caused some feelings of anxiety. Contrary to my fears, I thoroughly enjoyed our monthly sessions and looked forward to them each month. The topics, presenters, and activities were organized and well planned. I found the sessions to be challenging, thought provoking, energizing, and inspiring.

The views, experiences and contributions of the cohort members made the sessions more enriching and meaningful. Overall, from this experience, I have gained a broader understanding of the Institute’s priorities and operations; I feel more confident in my leadership style and strengths; I am aware of available resources and tools for enhancing institutional collaboration and partnerships; and I have access to a network of peers within the Office of the Provost’s units that I can turn to for support and guidance."

2019-2020 Cohort

The Office of the Provost and Office of the EVPR welcomes nominations and applications for the second cohort of the Mid-level Administrators Leadership Development Program (deadline is 8/23). The program is designed to strengthen and enhance skills for organizational management and leadership. In its second year, the program is open to faculty and staff in units reporting to the Office of the Provost and the EVPR who meet the following criteria:

  • Are in a full-time position at the level of Sr director, director, or assistant/associate director and have been in their current role/title for a minimum of one year, but not more than five years.
  • Supervise at least two full-time (one exempt) employees
  • Have primary responsibility for a functional area within the Office of the Provost or the EVPR
  • Are in good standing and have the support of their direct and next level supervisor

Sixteen individuals (8 from Provost, 8 from EVPR reporting units) will be selected for this nine-month program.  Beginning in September, the program will include monthly workshops, as well as a three day leadership development conference that involves completion of a 360o assessment. Topics will include: administrative leadership tools; supervisory skill development; managing from the middle; navigating change; leading diverse teams; and other topics related to developing professional leadership competencies. Participants will also build a network of peers and colleagues in comparable level positions.

Participant commitments:

  • Attend all sessions, as follows:
    • About eight workshops scheduled on select Friday mornings between September 2019 and May 2020 (2-4 hour sessions). Specific dates to be announced occurring each month. Participants are asked to adjust teaching and other commitments accordingly.
    • Must be available to attend the 3-day Advanced Leadership Development conference OCTOBER 16-18 or 21-23, 2019 to be held in Atlanta and facilitated by Academic Impressions. (These will generally be full-day sessions, from 8am – 5pm, the cohort will be split into groups of 8 for each conference date). More information about this conference including 3 day agenda can be found here:
    • Attend an orientation kick-off meeting and a closing luncheon.
  • Complete short readings and engage in small team work in between meetings
  • Participate in self and guided 360° assessments
  • Contribute to the quality of the cohort experience by being fully engaged and sharing experiences that will assist the other participants in the group in their leadership development.

The first cohort begins this Fall. To receive full consideration, applications should be submitted by COB August 9th, August 23 2019 to Brandi Foley-Rodgers at .  An application should include:

  • A letter of interest that includes a statement of current responsibilities, leadership aspirations, how this program would assist in achieving those goals, and what the individual would contribute to his/her colleagues in the program.
  • CV/résumé
  • A statement/memo of support from the direct supervisor and next level supervisor
  • A completed/signed Mid-Level Administrators application