Tutor Appreciation Week

by Donald Pearl | October 2017

The Center for Academic Success celebrated the annual Tutor Appreciation week on October 2nd through the 6th by holding a number of special events for the more than 100 tutors, PLUS leaders, and assistants who work to help their fellow students be successful. The special recognition included a poster on which students wrote messages of appreciation for the help they get from the tutors, PLUS leaders, and assistants. There was also a custom 1000 piece puzzle that gave the message “You got the keys to Success”, once it was completed, and of course, they were treated to a taco bar luncheon on Tuesday, October 3rd in appreciation for their commitment to providing the best in academic support.

Last year more than 2,000 students made over 12,000 visits for one to one tutoring, or PLUS sessions. In addition, nearly 700 students showed came to the spring reading day study sessions that were offered by our tutors and PLUS leaders. The numbers show the huge impact these students have on the success of their peers. We greatly appreciate the dedication, skill, and service of these terrific GA Tech students.