C2D2 Highlights

by Michael Laughter & Shannon Dobranski | September 2017


Fall All-Majors Career Fair (Sep. 18-19)

Quick stats: 5,297 students attend with unique (one-time) visits, and 357 companies participating over two days.

Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional (PGPP) Advising Updates

  • Susan Belmonte secured, renewed, or expanded pre-law internship opportunities at AT&T Patent Development; Kilpatrick Townsend; Martenson, Hasbrouck, & Simon; and the Georgia Tech Research Corporation.
  • Two pre-teaching students participated in global internships at Colegio Bilingue New Horizons in the Dominican Republic, and two other pre-teaching advisees transitioned into full-time teaching positions in Atlanta and Gwinnett County.  Susan worked with all these advisees.
  • Three alumni were recipients of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships, which supports future educators through Master of Arts in Teaching programs and places them in high needs schools.
  • Kathryn Meehan hosted our first-ever Fulbright Review Session, which connected students with professionals on campus to receive informed feedback on their application in the course of a single event.  (Sending a shout out to Patty, Richard, and Rob, who collaborated on this event, as well as colleagues in OIE, Comm Center, and INTA.)
  • Prestigious Fellowships also just hosted a Fulbright Q & A Panel which drew ten current applicants to a session that featured recent Fulbright recipients from GT.  The students really enjoyed hearing from an alumna who just returned from her stint in Germany and from two who will depart soon for the United Kingdom.
  • Monique Morris worked closely with Rahaima Sampson under the direction of Francisco Castelan to process almost 600 letters of evaluation (LOE's) for 140 students.  This service requires that we vet letters for errors of presentation, confirm students' disciplinary history with Student Integrity, prepare an institutional cover attesting to the letters' validity, and upload the letters to the appropriate application service or professional school.  The team implemented several process improvements and completed processing in record time.
  • Pre-Health Advisors Francisco Castelan and Shannon Dobranski saw 118 students for 246 advising sessions this summer.  Most of these students were in the final stages of submitting their medical school applications.  In addition to our in-person advising sessions, we served students via phone, skype, and Google docs.
  • Francisco Castelan has worked closely with new Living Learning Community Director Emma Sharp to plan pre-health events for the new College of Science SHaRP pre-health LLC.
  • Shannon Dobranski and Monique Morris are hard at work preparing Georgia Tech's first-ever Graduate and Professional School Fair that will feature non-GT programs.  Planning included visiting similar events at GSU and Emory and coordinating with other schools on the Georgia Grad Fair Circuit. Look for this event October 17.  (Shout out to Andrea and Richard for their help in setting up the Career Fair 2.0 registration interface and to Scott for support on the web site.)

Other C2D2 Updates

  • The Employer Relations team announced two new Executive Partners, Corning and Gas South, which brings the total number of companies participating in the program to 25 Executive Partners and 15 Corporate Partners, the two highest rankings in the Partnership plan.
  • On Saturday, Sep 16, Michelle Tullier and Michael Laughter gave workshop presentations to Gilman Scholarship alumni from surrounding states and diverse institutions.  Tullier’s topic was ‘Presenting Yourself Online,’ and Laughter’s was ‘How to Use Your Gilman Study-Abroad Experience in Resume, Letter, and Interviews.’  The Gilman Scholarship is open to students across all majors, and to be used for those students who want to implement a study-abroad experience to help enhance their home communities when they return.  The Scholarship is sponsored by the US State Department.
  • On Campus Recruiting by employers formally began Sept 6.  By Sep 28, 157 students have applied for co-op; 1127 for full time; 925 for internship.
  • Susan Belmonte, Pre-Law Advisor, is proud to announce that Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising and Kilpatrick Townsend, one of the five largest and most highly ranked IP law practices in the country, have partnered to create an internship opportunity in patent law. Interns will gain an understanding of U.S. patent law and the process of obtaining a U.S. patent, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules and regulations, tools to support patent searching, patent drafting, and patent analysis as well as enhanced communication skills. By evaluating inventions in view of the requirements for patentability and by analyzing patents to determine their strength and applicability to products and services, interns will also gain knowledge about technology industry developments and trends related to products and services.