Staff Directory

Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE)

Clough Commons - Suite 205; Main Phone: 404-385-8543; Campus Mail Code: 0940

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hammock, Sally Program Manager 404-385-8545
Hodges, Lacy Assistant Director for Academic Transition Programs 404-385-7648
Reaves, Chris Director of CAE/Director of UROP 404-385-7325
VACANT Administrative Professional Sr.    
Tant, Allyson Academic Enrichment Coordinator II 404-385-7436
White, Kari Associate Director for Living-Learning Communities 404-385-3831


Center for Academic Success (CAS)

Clough Commons - Suite 283; Main Phone: 404-894-1945; Campus Mail Code: 0252

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Brantley, Fiona Associate Director 404-894-1970
Boone, Justin Tutoring and Peer Learning Manager 404-385-1568
Dow, Savitra Administrative Professional II (Tutoring Center) 404-385-0041
VACANT Administrative Professional, Sr.    
Rodriguez, Beatriz Learning Specialist/Academic Coach 404-385-3797
Kazungu, Liz Learning Specialist/Academic Coach 404-385-7557
Pearl, Donald Director 404-894-1951


Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2)

Bill Moore Student Success Center - 1st floor lobby; Main Phone: 404-894-2550; Campus Mail Code: 0105

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Anderson, Sonia Career Development Advisor II 404-894-1923
Bazrod, Patricia Director, Employer Relations 404-894-1353
Belmonte, Susan Pre-Professional Advisor 404-385-3494
Botkin, Alan Employee Relations Coordinator I 404-385-5203
Castelan, Francisco Pre-Health Advisor 404-385-2475
Comsa, Andrea Senior Director for Operations & Outreach 404-894-3738
Damon, Elaine Career Development Advisor II 404-894-2553
Dobranski, Shannon Director, Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising 404-894-1922
Fisher, Mary Assistant Director for Career Opportunities 404-385-4511
Green, Terrence "Scott" Application Support Analyst Lead 404-894-1352
Houston, Karen Career Development Advisor II 404-894-1346
Keys, Angela Administrative Professional Sr. 404-894-3754
Laughter, Michael Educational Outreach Communications Manager 404-894-1988
Lindsay, Dennis Career Development Advisor I 404-385-0290
Morris, Monique Pre-Professional Advising Coordinator 404-894-0062
Nolan, April Admin Professional I 404-894-3321
Patel, Chiragi Employer Relations Coordinator I 404-894-3715
VACANT Career Development Advisor II    
Rogers Jr., Rob Interim Director of Student Education 404-894-1348
South, Richard Employer Relations Coordinator II 404-894-2554
Terawaki, Kenji Information Analyst I 404-385-4822
Tullier, Michelle Executive Director 404-894-1345
Wallis, Russell IT Support Professional Sr. 404-894-0735
Williams, Carmen Letter of Evaluation Coordinator (Tech Temp) 404-385-4689
Quinto, Kathryn Meehan Prestigious Fellowships Advisor 404-385-8515


Honors Program (HP)

Armstrong & Hefner Residents Halls; Main Phone: 404-385-7532; Campus Mail Code: 0755

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Berry, Roberta Director 404-385-7535
Evans, Lauren Administrative Professional Sr. 404-385-7532
Halka, Monica Associate Director 404-385-7533
Leonard, Nicole Academic Advisor 404-385-7534


Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS)

Clough Commons - Suite 205; Main Phone: 404-385-8543; Campus Mail Code: 0940

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Braneon, Christian Assistant Director of Service Learning & Partnerships 404-385-5379
Chatfield, Kris Program Manager  
Hirsch, Jennifer Director 404-385-4026
Jones, Jamie Administrative Professional Sr. 404-385-8135
Thurman, Carol Academic Assessment Manager 404-894-0014


Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (OVPUE)

A. French Building - Suite 103; Main Phone: 404-894-5054; Campus Mail Code: 0740

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Connelly, Mysty Assistant Director for Administrative Operations 404-385-0598
Girardot, Steven Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education 404-894-5054
Hopkins, Cory Communications Specialist 404-385-5202
Miller, Criss Executive Assistant 404-894-5054
Neely, De'Angelo Financial Administrator II 404-895-4255
Pearson, Debbie Retention and Graduation Manager (joint w/ VPES) 404-385-3665
Potts, Colin Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education 404-894-5054
Spencer, Beth Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising 404-385-5464
Walker, De Morris Director of Summer Session Iniatives 404-385-4022
Wong, Cara-Joy Project Support Specialist Senior (primary w/ Provost Office) 404-385-2034
VACANT Undergraduate Education Assessment Specialist