Project One Film Scramble Winners

About the Scramble

This year, Project One, which is coordinated by the Center for Academic Enrichment, deviated from its previous common reading experience and used film as a tool to stimulate discussion. At the end of the year, students were given a chance to participate in a new endeavor—a student film competition.

Georgia Tech undergraduate filmmakers at all levels of experience were invited to compete in the inaugural "Project One Film Scramble." Students were challenged to create short films—from conceptualization to completion—focused on the theme of “resilience.” Films could be of any genre—science fiction, horror, romance, comedy, or documentary.


Filmmakers were given 72 hours, a prop (Georgia Tech's famous ), and required dialogue (from Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive") during the online kickoff on Thursday, March 30. Requirements for the inclusion of the dialogue were: the lines must be used as dialogue in the film, not as background music; and the lines must be consecutive in the song, and must appear consecutively in the film. Films were also limited to 3 minutes in length, including credits.

14 teams participated in the competition, and on April 13 their films were shown to over 140 moviegoers in the Student Center Theater. One film was selected in each of the following four categories: Best Writing (Prize: $150 Visa Gift Card); Best Editing (Prize: $150 Visa Gift Card); Best Directing (Prize: $150 Visa Gift Card); and Best Overall (Prize: $200 Visa Gift Card).

Judges for the competition were:

  • Ian Afflerbach, Brittain Fellow, LMC
  • Rachel Dean-Ruzicka, Lecturer, LMC
  • Melissa Foulger, Director of DramaTech, LMC
  • Brett Hulst, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • Quinn Mabry, Admin Professional, Student Engagement
  • John Thornton, Video Production Coordinator, LMC

More information about Project One may be found at


Film Scramble Winners

Best Writing: "Lucy" written by Molly Hill and Eddie Arribasplata


Best Editing: "Super Productive" edited by Duane Stanford

*Disclaimer: Film contains strong language - viewer discretion is advised.


Best Directing: "How to Make Art" directed by Daniela Rodriguez


Best Overall: "The T Party" directed by Kevin Qian; Written by Ben Hirsch, Tyndal Mitchell, Jackson Vance, Bryce Irvin, Caroline Ware, and Tejas Khorana; Edited by Jackson Vance and Kevin Qian