National Tutor Appreciation Week Recap

by Cory Hopkins | October 2016

The International Tutor Appreciation Week is an annual celebration that gives students, faculty, staff, and campus administration the opportunity to thank our tutors and PLUS leaders.










CAS celebrated the tutors with a Taco Bar Luncheon, thank you cards, a tutoring toolkit, and a private cake reception (where tutors were able to read encouraging messages left my students, faculty, and staff).

This year the Center for Academic Success gave students an opportunity to write down what they appreciated most about their tutors (pictured above, left). Some students chose to express their thanks in humorous ways: "They stop me from banging my head against a wall," and one student's appreciation of "they're [the tutor's] huge brains." Others chose to write heartfelt responses: "Thank you all for taking time out of your days to help others with the struggle that is Georgia Tech," and "They made my class make so much more sense." Whether funny or sincere, one common theme is true: Tech's students value their tutors.

One of the things that makes the tutors so successful is the support they receive from CAS and other departments around campus. This year CAS started a cross-campus tutoring training in collaboration with GTAA, LAP, and OMED. (Participants from the campus-wide tutor training session pictured above, right)

Although the official Tutor Appreciation Week has ended, it's never too late to tell a tutor or PLUS leader how much you appreciate what they do.