Continued Success with CAS Workshops

by Liz Kazungu (CAS) | February 2017

The Center for Academic Success has had resounding success with its Academic Success Workshops over the past year. As a result of a revamp and boost in marketing and increased outreach to students under the supervision of Dr. Donald Pearl, the Center has seen a dramatic increase in the number of students attending its workshops. Consequently, the staff of the Center added several new workshops to meet student interest.

During Summer 2016, CAS introduced two summer workshop offerings to assist new students in getting a good start in their studies at Tech. These workshops were How to Beat the Heat: Making Plans for Summer and Beyond, and in partnerships with the International Student Center, Navigating Tech: an Effective Guide for Your Journey towards Academic Success. The two workshops had a total of 92 registrants.

CAS offers 7 traditional workshops each fall and spring: Time Management, How to Beat Procrastination, To Drop or Not, Math and Science is Fun: A Guide to Stem Study Strategies, How to Study for Finals Developing Study Strategies and Success Summit. Last fall, the Executive Director of the Center for Career Discovery and Development, Dr. Michelle Tullier, facilitated the How to Beat Procrastination workshop and discussion of her book: The Idiot's Guide to Overcoming Procrastination. Four other workshops introduced in fall 2016 were Tips to Plan for Academic Success, geared towards assisting students during the first week of schedule adjustment, Dealing with Academic Stress, How to Form a Study Group, and It’s almost over: How to make the most of the rest of the semester. The fall workshops had a total of 599 registrants (triple the number of registrants from the previous fall).

Reboot for Academic Success, a 6-week Workshop series, continued to garner interest in fall 2016 with 168 registrants. To meet the student demand for more intensive workshop series’, CAS add a new success workshop series called Right Start this spring. This three week series provides students and opportunity to meet with a professional staff member at the beginning of the semester to set themselves up for success in their classes by creating a study schedule and good study habits and developing a positive mindset. These coaching workshops will introduce students to key concepts that should be utilized and refined early in the semester - goal setting, time management, which includes discussions about sleep, nutrition and stress management, the PLRS study system, utilizing academic resources, including professor’s office hours, and brain based learning concepts. Right Start has garnered 65 registrants expressing interest this Spring 2017.

Finally, with the advent of increased demand for Academic coaching, CAS has introduced On Demand Workshops that will be strategically facilitated during peak times. The first one is scheduled on March 10th 2-3pm in Clough 325, which is at midterm exam time.

The use of workshops allows us to reach more students with good information efficiently and effectively. For many students the workshops are sufficient for them to improve their study habits, but for those who need additional coaching, the staff are available to meet with them individually to provide more in depth assistance. ‘We are committed to using innovative methods of delivery of information to provide assistance to all Tech students seeking it’ says Dr. Donald Pearl, Director of the Center for Academic Success. The Center hopes to increase collaborations and add varying workshop topics in its service to students this academic year.

(For a full list of the worshops click HERE.)