Complete College Georgia- GT (CCG-GT) Steering Committee

Appointed by Provost Bras, the CCC-GT Steering Committee is charged with providing input and guidance for Georgia Tech’s undergraduate retention and graduation strategies; monitoring CCG outcomes; and promoting and disseminating progress to the campus community and other critical stakeholders.  Committee members include faculty from each of the six colleges and staff from various administrative units who work closely with retention issues. Membership for the 2016-17 Academic Year is as follows:

Ms. Sandi Bramblett, Executive Director of Institutional Research and Planning/Decision Support Services*
Dr. Steven P. Girardot, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education*
Ms. Debbie Pearson, Retention and Graduation Manager (permanent ex-officio member)
Ms. Lynn Durham, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Ms. Lisa Grovenstein, Director of Media Relations, Institute Communications
Ms. Sandra Kinney, Senior Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Dr. Paul Kohn, Vice Provost for Enrollment Services
Dr. Leo Mark, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, Professional Education
Ms. Cynthia Moore, Director, OMED: Educational Services
Dr. Donald Pearl, Director, Center for Academic Success
Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer, Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Brenda Woods, Director of Research and Assessment, Student Life
Dr. Rebecca Burnett, Director of Writing and Communication & Professor, LMC, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Jonathan Clarke, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Scheller College of Business
Dr. David Collard, Associate Dean, College of Sciences
Dr. Al Ferri, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, School of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Michelle Rinehart, Associate Dean, College of Design
Mr. David White, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, College of Computing

*Co-chair, CCG-GT Steering Committee