C2D2 Highlights

by Michael Laughter & Shannon Dobranski | April 2017


Andrea Comsa and Kenji Terawaki of C2D2 attended the Kurogo Higher Ed Mobile Conference in Orlando, a leading mobile strategy conference where higher ed and tech industry leaders come together to discuss how mobile is revolutionizing the campus experience. Andrea was invited to speak, along with the director of sales engineering for Modo Labs, on: Build It and They Will Come: Prototyping with Your Mobile App.

The focus of Andrea's talk was on creating a unified digital interface, addressing issues of user experience, content, and app visuals, using C2D2's resources and apps as examples, including the career fair app, BuzzBot the chat bot, and C2D2's website.




Several members of the C2D2 team volunteered their time and talent to support the Stamps President's Scholars Convention this weekend:

Lanie Damon, Shannon Dobranski (hi!), and Michael Laughter facilitated a "Stamps Service Challenge" session Friday afternoon and early evening, during which the 760 Stamps Scholars worked together to develop solutions for Atlanta-area non-profit organizations.

Susan Belmonte, Francisco Castelan, and Kathryn Meehan Quinto moderated panels and took questions related to their pre-law, pre-health, and prestigious fellowships expertise in Saturday sessions.



The C2D2 Student Advisor team has begun a workshop series entitled 'Co-op and Internship Work Term Briefings' for co-op and internship students who are going to work summer or fall 2017. Running from April 6-27, this event is the team's first attempt at creating an 'On-Boarding' process for students entering the workforce for the first time.  The team is going where the students are located, which will create more of a large scale meeting, and cut down on one-on-one appointments.  The Student Advisors are using the workshops to explain workplace policies and procedures, as well as the expectations that C2D2 has for them as they go to work.



Susan Belmonte has reworked an older website, which will interest anyone interested in pursuing teaching as a career. Among the best features are the new spotlight sections that showcase what our students and alumni are doing in K-12 education. The site can be a resource for those who want to know more about teaching and for those who are seeking opportunities to explore teaching through internships and other opportunities. Pre-Teaching advising in C2D2 supports undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs and alumni.



Last week's Personal Statement Review session with professionals from around campus and beyond was a great success. Hats off to Francisco Castelan who ventured into the unknown with this new event and who provided guidance for a troupe of new readers. Kudos, too, to Monique Morris who managed student registration, promotional materials, event preparations, and a whole slew of details--too many to mention here. And, finally, thanks to our student helpers, Brooke White and Ankita Verma, who ensured that the event proceeded without a hitch, and thanks--so much--to our C2D2 colleagues--Rob, Patty, Alan, Richard, and Lanie--who stayed late to serve students with their PGPP colleagues.



Three Georgia Tech students were selected as Fulbright Scholars; and Tech also had a Goldwater recipient and an honorable mention. Congratulations to the students, and  Kathryn Meehan Quinto, who guided them through an exhaustive application process.