2019 State of Summer Session Meeting

In the State of the Summer Session meeting on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Summer Session Initiatives gave a broad overview of new initiatives for summer 2019, an update on preparations for summer, and information on the incoming 2019 summer iGniTe class. Attendees included campus partners from many areas of GT. Listed below are just a few of the highlights from the 2018 Summer Session.

Enrollment Headcount

  • 19% increase in Total HC (Undergraduate & Graduate)
  • 13% increase in Total HC (Undergraduate)
  • 10% increase in Undergraduate (ATL Campus)
  • 32% increase in Summer First-Year
  • 43% increase in Online
  • 200% increase in Visiting Students
  • 360 students "concurrently" enrolled (on-campus/online)

Student Credit Hours (SCH)

  • 5% increase in Undergraduates
  • 47% increase in Summer First-Year
  • 100% increase online

CCG Pathway Course Enrollment

  • 45% increase intro to Physics I
  • 31% increase intro to Physics II

Summer Pell

  • 52% of Pell eligible students enrolled in summer